Laminat Press

Laminat Press: Reengineering

Process description:

The recipe prescriptions for the press are sent to the controller via a PC. The report about the finished press cycle is transferred to the PC for archiving and evaluation. The weight protocol of charging is sent to the PC.

The scale and press log is linked on the PC to the batch number. Laminate packages are assembled, transported to the press, pressed and transported away.

About 1800 I /O's, Simatic S7; MP 370, pushbutton panels.


Project management

Creation of the specifications together with the customer.

Specification of the electrical components especially to avoid injury of the operators, to reach high availability.

Hardware engineering, construction and delivery of all control cabinets and local panels including the installed components.

Programming the function and execution of a FAT together with the customer in our office. 

Start Up in Bukarest.

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