Impregnating machine

Horizontal Impregnating machine: Reengineering

Project description:

Automation of a resin impregnating machine (ca. 250 I/O). 

Explanation: The impregnated paper is used as insulating material in transformer and generator construction.

The paper web is powered by three inverters. The tension of the paper web is measured and used as a manipulated variable for the ratio of the individual speeds. The exhaust fans are driven by three different inverters. All drives are connected to the CPU via Profibus.

The control is done with a Siamtic S7-300.

The operating level runs via two MP 270 touch panels, one is located in the hazardous area.

Some drives and sensors are installed in the hazardous area too.


Creation of the specifications together with the customer.

Specification of the electrical components especially to avoid injury of the operators, to reach high availability and to fulfill the regulations of the hazardous area (EX)

Hardware engineering, construction and delivery of all control cabinets and local panels including the installed components.

Programming the function and execution of a FAT together with the customer in our office. 

Start Up in Bukarest.

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