Dip Tank Manipulator

Steel industry: A 220 Dip Tank Manipulator

Process description:

The equipment [machine] supports fully automatic manipulation of steel blocks (up to 1200 degrees and eight tons) The dip tank manipulator is a part of a fully-automatic production line. The preceding pieces of equipment primarily consist of the forge and the hot saw followed by heat treatment equipment. Each steel block is weighed and then precisely positioned on the conveyers using lasers. The entire process is controlled by the customer’s material tracking system (MVS) and the preceding hot saw.

PLC Simatic S7 about 350 I/O´s, visualisation WinCC


Project management

Creation of the specifications together with the customer.

Specification of the electrical components especially to avoid injury of the operators, to reach high availability.

Hardware engineering, construction and delivery of all control cabinets and local panels including the installed components.

Start-up is completed with system optimisation and connection to the client’s material tracking system (MVS)

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