Body stamping station                                          Symbolfoto* (c) Alamy

Process description:

The chassis is brought into position using a transport and hoisting device. After the data is
received and verified, a PC sends control commands to the SPS. The embossing device is moved
to the chassis using a pneumatic cylinder.

Extensive safety devices were implemented using a safety SPS from Siemens. Noteworthy is the
compliance to the required cycle time.

An extensive fault and system analysis allows seamless production tracking.

Automatisation and HMI:

The controller solution was implemented using S7-200SP CPU on STEP 7. A Siemens 17“ touch
panel serves as the HMI for the extensive parameter settings.


Documented the complete system functionality due to incomplete system description.
Created the program and adapt it to the machine operations.

Adapted or altered Workflow design to conform to the customer’s process.
Optimised the cycle time for the pneumatic drives based on physical conditions.

* For reasons of data protection, we cannot display photos of the actual project

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