Air tunnel Roche

Air tunnel

Process description:

The system is used for drying the modules (several modules in a magazine) which are used for the analysis and evaluation of blood. The flow from the feeding station through to the tray is inserted via a recipe that can be preselected on the touch panel. A feeding station transports the magazines to a clocked conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is moved forward at each magazine loading or at the end of the pause time. At the end of each batch, a log of process-related data is created. Comprehensive error and system analysis enables seamless batch tracking


Compilation of the specification together with the system supplier and the customer.

Selection of all electrotechnical components with regard to personal safety

Hardware planning

Creation of the software (visualization with cimplicity, control with S7)

Carrying out a FAT

Commissioning and optimization at the customer

Customer staff training 

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