Cold protection lamination                                  Symbolfoto* (c) Alamy

Process description:

The protective film, which comes on a roll, is placed into the winding machine by hand and is
made ready for lamination. When the current roll runs out, the winder stops and a fully automated
process using pneumatic cylinders binds the films and exchanges the rolls.

Throughout the lamination process, an edge control assures that the film remains centered. The
winding speed is dependent on the speed of the production process as well as the binding
material reserves and the roll diameter. The binding material is fed using a torque based

A second edge control makes sure the the protective film is adhered to an aluminium foil,
centered and crease free.

The S7 controller assures smooth operation of the machinery using LENZE drive technology.

Regulator information:

The winding motors are regulated based on winding tension and roll diameter. The tension and
speed are varied based on the speed of the machine.

Control and HMI:

The controller solution was implemented using a Siemens Simatic S7-300 CPU. A Siemens 17“
touch panel serves as the HMI for the extensive parameter settings.


Documented the complete system functionality due to incomplete system description.
Adapted the provided program to the machine operations.
Adapted or altered control and workflow design to conform to the customer’s process
Optimised drive and control behaviour based on physical conditions.

* For reasons of data protection, we cannot display photos of the actual project

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